Get Involved

Continuum members recognize the value of community involvement.  In fact, the primary purpose of this site is to provide a mechanism that allows people from all walks of life to learn more about homelessness in Lake County, to make suggestions and provide constructive feedback on how to help improve the situation and to personally get involved.  Here are four different ways you can make a difference:
  • Use the Give Feedback form to submit suggestions directly to the Continuum of Care.  Your ideas will be screened by the site administrator and, if constructive, will be included for other visitors to see.
  • Encourage your employer, church, or community service organization to endorse the plan.  Local businesses, faith-based organizations and community service organizations can provide a public endorsement of the plan via this website. A form is provided to for you to use as an endorsement.  Once it is returned, your organization's logo and a link to its website will be displayed in the endorsement section of the site.
  • Volunteer at one of the agencies working directly to serve the homeless.  If you can serve a meal, stuff an envelope, or help spread the word, there are Continuum of Care member agencies that need your help.  Check out the links provided to register directly with the agency of your choice.
  • Donate!  While the Continuum of Care, itself, does not accept donations, its member organizations would welcome your support. Most non-profit agencies include a Wish List of needed items on their websites along with details on how to get your donations to the right place.  We have provided links to those websites on the Donate page.