Helping Lake County's Homeless

How We Treat Those in Need Is   A Reflection of Our Character   

You can forget about those stereotypes so commonly used to describe the homeless.  In reality, the homeless may be our friends, neighbors and, for some, even family members. They are ordinary families and individuals who:

  • may have experienced a catastrophic job loss,
  • might have had their financial resources destroyed by a life threatening illness,
  • may face a severe and persistent mental illness, 
  • might struggle with addiction,
  • or may have a physical disability that limits their housing and employment options.

In Lake County, the Continuum of Care is a cooperative organization of government agencies and non-profit service organizations charged with the responsibility of identifying the basic root causes of homelessness and developing the programs and methods required to better support the needs of the homeless and those who are on the verge of becoming homeless.  

This web site provides you with information on the state of homelessness in our county, details on the Continuum's work and offers you the opportunity to give us feedback and suggestions.  

Code Blue Winter Weather Emergency Protocol

CODE BLUE:   CODE BLUE has been activated in Lake County today (Monday, November 11, 2019) beginning at 6:00 p.m. 

Please contact 2-1-1 for the most up to date shelter times and locations.

For this coming winter, in order to meet the most basic needs for those homeless who are unable to secure shelter, the Continuum will be implementing a CODE BLUE Winter Weather Emergency Protocol when:
  • The air temperatures drop to 10 degrees or less, the wind chill is at zero degrees, or below, or
  • When the National Weather Service issues a Winter Storm Warning for Lake County or
  • During a significant snow/weather event, as decided by the Continuum of Care, even if the temperature guidelines are not met

The goal of this CODE BLUE Protocol is to notify local social service agencies, churches, and municipalities that severe weather is imminent and thus of the need to provide all homeless persons, sober or not, with a safe haven where they can stay warm.

 Help Our Homeless This Winter

As the Continuum is readying for the approaching winter, we are in need of several resources from neighbors like you. If you are interested in learning how you can help Lake County's homeless make it through the winter, please click here to learn how you can help.

"Soup to Service" at St James Episcopal Church

Want to learn more about what is being done to ensure that our homeless have access to a warm meal? Click the image above to see what Mother Vanessa Clark and her congregation at St James Episcopal Church in Painesville are doing to feed those in need.