In Other Communities

Take a look at what other communities around the country are doing to help the homeless.

Giving Keys

This organization employs those who are looking to transition out of homelessness.  Read more about how old keys are the key to their success.

Code Blue Emergency Procedures

Many towns in the Midwest implement Code Blue Emergency Procedures to help shelter the homeless when winter temperatures take a turn for the worst.  Click here to learn more.

And in Orlando, Florida:

Learn more about homeless individuals in Orlando as they tell their "Cardboard Stories".  Click here to watch the video.

April Fools 

See what happens when a prankster orchestrates a wonderful event at a homeless shelter.  Click on the link below to learn more.

Tiny Houses
Proponents of the tiny houses idea claim this is a kinder, gentler and cheaper option than simply adding more shelter beds to their already over-crowded homeless shelters. Click on the links below to learn more.

Point in Time Count

The HUD mandated annual Point in Time Count of the homeless takes place each year during the last 10 days of January,  which often means those conducting the Count and those being counted face harsh conditions.

Can You Really End Homelessness?

The City of Phoenix, Arizona says, "Yes, you can!"  And they've done it for the homeless veterans in their community.  Click on the link below to learn more.

100,000 Homes for the Homeless

60 Minutes profiles the 100,000 Homes Program and how it is helping cities house the homeless.  Click on the link below to learn about how this program is working in Nashville, TN.  100,000 Homes for the Homeless

Respite Care for the Homeless

Hospitals try to release patients as soon as possible after surgery.  Most patients go home where family or friends help them as they recover.  Homeless individuals released from the hospital are usually not strong enough to resume their life in shelters or on the streets.  Many cities offer respite care for the homeless.  Click on the link below to learn more.