The Plan - Executive Summary

The Continuum members worked together to assess the overall health and functioning of the systems in place today.  Working in small teams, members identified the core processes and evaluated the current state of the services provided.  As a second step, these teams then sought out other Continuum organizations around the state and country as they benchmarked Lake County’s services against similar services provided elsewhere.  This work helped Continuum members identify ways to improve existing services and highlighted additional services provided in other communities, but not here.  The benchmarking process also helped Continuum members establish contact with peers around the state and the resulting conversations and comparisons proved to be beneficial for all involved. 

The plan is structured around the six components necessary to address homelessness. Each component section includes basic data showing the current level of need and our success at meeting those needs.  Information describing the existing programs is provided. Also included is an explanation of any ongoing needs and process improvement opportunities that were identified during benchmarking.  Preliminary suggestions for developing solutions are documented, but are expected to evolve as Continuum members continue to seek out and implement best practice methods.  

The Continuum members all agreed that Lake County’s 10-Year Plan must not be a document that, once completed, sits on a shelf gathering dust.  Instead, the team believes it is important to consider the plan a living document that will be reevaluated at least annually as the homelessness situation changes over the next ten years.