Key Components

The Continuum of Care assessed the current state of homelessness in Lake County and the effectiveness of the current programs in place.  Continuum members examined among other things poverty statistics, housing data and the types of citizens using the existing public services that are available.  These existing public services have been grouped into six key components that form the support structure necessary to adequately serve those in need. 

The six key components this plan addresses are:
Outreach – actively seeking out those people who are currently homeless and identifying those who are at-risk or on the verge of becoming homeless

Prevention – providing financial assistance with housing cost burdens such as rent and utilities payments, working with property owners to prevent eviction that would cause homelessness, and assisting with foreclosure prevention

Emergency Shelter – providing temporary shelter to homeless citizens and victims of domestic violence and other crisis situations along with referrals to other services to address immediate needs for employment, mental/physical health, etc.

Transitional Housing – offering affordable below-market rental housing coupled with ongoing life skills counseling with the goal of helping individuals and families become self-sufficient

Permanent Supportive Housing – providing assistance to find and maintain affordable rental housing along with specialized ongoing support services to those homeless persons with persistent and severe mental illnesses or physical disabilities

Supportive Services – providing a broad spectrum of help such as medical, dental and mental health services, employment services, as well as commodities such as food, furniture, education, and day care, to assist those in need to become and remain stable and to develop self-sufficiency.