Next Steps

Starting in 2011, the Continuum will focus on generating more community recognition and involvement in addressing the issues facing the homeless, developing its crisis management process, identifying funding sources and outlining a process for the ongoing review and revision of our 10-Year Plan that will help us predict and respond to changing needs within Lake County.  Preliminary work done by Continuum members identified the following potential components:

  • Develop a sound process to review existing programs and work with Continuum members to use proven techniques like benchmarking and peer review to revise their approaches to better suit the community’s changing needs
  • Improve our data collection process to make it easier to identify trends and to define success criteria that can be used to evaluate the impact of any changes made
  • Community involvement should include a two-way communication process that lets the community express their concerns and needs while allowing the Continuum to communicate its current activities to address those needs
  • Crisis management coordination will require the Continuum to use data effectively to predict problems and mobilize its membership to proactively address any urgent needs related to the homeless
  • Funding is critical to the success of all the programs addressing the needs of the homeless.  Ideas for how the Continuum could support the funding process include providing technical assistance in seeking funds, identifying funding strategies other communities have used successfully and identifying newly funded programs and initiatives that may help solve problems we face.

Continuum members believe the above approach will bring much needed process to the work of the Lake County Continuum of Care and much benefit to the broader community as we become even more effective and efficient at addressing the root causes behind homelessness.   We also see having more direct community involvement via ongoing feedback loops as an important addition that will help us develop practical and cost-effective solutions.